Foster girl ARK…an update

We’re pleased to share an update to share on Makants foster girl ARK today. Ark has been in foster with Makants volunteer Sue since the beginning of lockdown.

She says: ‘Ark has settled really well and loves her walks along the local canal. She shows no reaction whatsoever to the geese, swans and ducks on our walks and is fine meeting other breeds of dog too. Due to the lockdown she hasn’t had much opportunity to spend any length of time with them though.

Sue also says ‘She may look demure in her photos but every evening just before bed she has a ‘mad half hour’ emptying her toy box and throwing the toys around everywhere! The rest of the time she is happy to do what greyhounds do best – chill!’

Many thanks to Sue for the excellent care Ark is receiving. While we aren’t actively homing hounds at the moment we are accepting homing applications. The form and our homing requirements can be found on our website:

Photo credit: Sue Riley

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