Having received a large delivery of coats we are now pleased to be able to offer a *click and collect* service. Coats must be collected on a Saturday morning between 10 am and 12.30 pm when our volunteers are on site.
Now in stock we have walking out coats and Macs in all sizes from 20″ to 32 ” (just no 28 “walking out coats at the moment)
Fleece coats sizes 26″ to 30″ (as measure up one size larger)
New fleece lined stripe fur neck coat 26″ to 32″ all colours available – dark grey, red, orange, purple, blue. Be sure to place your order for these gorgeous coats as they sold out very quickly last time they were available!
Our coats are very competitively priced at:
Macs and fleeces £15
Walking out coats £20
Fur necked coats £30
If you wish to order you MUST message our facebook page directly to arrange and our fundraising volunteers will get back to you. When collecting on the kennels site social distancing must be adhered to with face masks worn at all times.
Thanks for your support.
Thanks to adopted Makants hound Esk for modelling

Makants Greyhound Rescue is based at:

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