BADGER – an update

Today we share an update on adopted Makants hound BADGER, who’s been in his forever home with Gina and Russ and canine companions Tara and Bud for four years now.

Gina says that Badger is a much admired hound but has a habit of putting his head into ladies shopping bags as they are talking to him, an embarrassing trait! He is also very partial to bread and can hear the bread bin being opened a mile away!

Gina and Russ take the dogs on holiday with them and over the years Badger has been to Scotland , Ravenglass, the Lakes, Yorkshire Dales, Scarborough, Northumberland, Pembrokeshire, Salisbury and Brighton as well as enjoying local days out.

Gina says Badger is ‘such a friendly dog who just loves people. He has a strong dislikes of stairs and to this day has never mastered them!’

Photo shows Badger hearing the bread bin opening 🙂

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