With April now coming to a close we’re pleased to complete the celebration by sharing some photos and quotes from just a handful of our Makants adoptive families. We just wish everyone knew what wonderful pets greyhounds make!
‘We can’t imagine life without our two greys. They have brought so much affection and fun into our lives. They’re so loyal and all they want I return is a comfy bed’. The Westhead family
‘Dylan is such a big gentle giant. He’s my cuddle monster and always by my side, thank you to Makants for matching us’. Lynda Tams
My dogs are my pride and joy. I’m so grateful they came into our lives and they have brought nothing but love and devotion since. Adopting Dexter and Dot was the best decision we ever made and I hope to spend the rest of my life with a greyhound by my side’. Penni Thomas
‘Lochy makes us laugh every day and has brought us a lot of joy’. Karen and Steve Ashton
‘Mabel gives me so much joy every day, she makes me laugh and is such a funny, loving hound.’ Elizabeth
‘Mickey and Derry make our life complete. Watching them play together and love life fills us with so much joy. Thank you Makants for matching us with our perfect greyhounds’. Helen and Andrew
Keith is my best friend who seems to have complete understanding and awareness of my feelings. We are so very closely bonded, it’s amazing. Thank you to Makants where we found each other.’ Fiona Kelly
‘Owning a greyhound is a privilege you can only appreciate when you get to know the breed and see what wonderful dogs they really are.’ Sue Duncan
‘Robbie’s made my house a home again’. Kevin
More photos can be found on our facebook page,  ‘Makants Greyhound Rescue NW’.

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