Two years ago, during February 2019, we were preparing to receive a greyhound from Macau as part of an international rescue operation when the large racing establishment there – the notorious Canidrome – closed its doors. Trustees Siobhan and Sue travelled to Heathrow to collect Fire on the 16th February from the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre.
Siobhan recounts how shocked she felt on seeing Fire as she was so thin and shut down. Sue too remembers feeling very emotional at the time she was handed Fire, and a little overwhelmed.
Fire was re named Pheby as this was Siobhan’s maiden name and also in commemoration of Siobhan’s Mother as it was the anniversary of her passing too. Pheby initially found living in a new and much colder country rather overwhelming – which is to be expected. She had been very sheltered from the world, spending her days in a single and rather sparse kennel. Our dedicated walking volunteers were quick to ensure that Pheby received plenty of T.L.C. and new experiences every day while still giving her time and space to adjust. She soon started to settle and playing with toys in the paddock became her very favourite thing. ‘Sleepovers’ were then arranged with trusted volunteers to enable her to experience life in a home, while we still looked for a special someone to adopt her.
Pheby’s confidence slowly improved and during the summer of 2019 she went to greyhound experienced volunteer Julia’s home for a ‘fostering holiday’. You know what’s coming next, yes Julia became a failed foster carer! Pheby was officially adopted by her at the end of July 2019. Since then Pheby has very much enjoyed her home comforts and has Emily, another adopted Macau greyhound, living locally for playdates (when restrictions allow). Pheby and her mum Julia also fostered Taylor, another Makants hound last year, and it was then Pheby’s turn to help him adjust to living in a home.
We are so thankful to everyone who played a part in Pheby’s journey, enabling this sweet girl from Macau to have the home and future that she so deserves.
photo credit Sue Costello

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