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Makants is proud to be recognised by Burns Pet Nutrition as their UK Charity of the year 2022/23.


The Burns Charity of the Year Award recognises and rewards the outstanding achievement of animal welfare organisations in both the UK and Ireland.


‘Being awarded the Burns Charity of the Year Award for outstanding achievement is a great honour. To be recognised for the work we do and to have a supportive partnership with a company such as Burns Pet Nutrition can only be hugely beneficial. Having all our feeding needs met for a year is especially very welcome in these economically challenging times.
We will be secure in the knowledge that our greyhounds, being fed on Burns products, will thrive in our care before ultimately finding their forever homes.
We very much look forward to working with Burns Pet Nutrition over the coming year and, with their support, we believe we can help even more greyhounds into homes’.


John Burns, MBE and founder of Burns Pet Nutrition, visited kennels on the 9th December to present Siobhan with her plaque, to tour kennels and meet volunteers.

Makants – Burns UK charity of the year 2022
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