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1.4.21 UPDATE

With the Government ‘roadmap’ starting to ease us out of lockdown we are looking to open up our homing gradually over the coming weeks. This will take time and we must point out that home checking cannot take place until 17th May, with our homing volunteers only able to undertake visits in the local area. All applicants must also meet each part of our homing criteria which can be found in full on our website:

Please be aware we have received over 200 homing applications over lockdown and, whilst this is great news for the dogs in our care, it is going to take our team of volunteers some considerable time to work through.


Thank you for considering rehoming one of our greyhounds.
We have some common sense guidelines which we apply to rehoming. However, we are flexible and are always open to discussion with regard to homing any of our greyhounds.
If you are unsure about any of the requirements, we are happy to discuss them with you. You are welcome to call Siobhan on 07960 561 988 or Sue on 07794 463 249.

Adoption/Fostering Requirements

• Due to the size of the greyhounds we prefer children in the household to be over 5 years of age
• Greyhounds must not be left home alone for extended periods of time, eg not more than 4 hours. If they are to be left for longer hours a dog walker or similar carer must be in place
• All resident dogs must be neutered.
• Prospective adopters/fosterers must have a secure garden with a fence of at least 5 foot high and lockable gate,   it must not be a shared garden
• Vaccinations must be kept up-to-date.
• A home check will always be carried out prior to adoption.
• A £130 homing donation will be required.


Makants Greyhound Rescue is based at:

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